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              電話 Tel:0512 - 6262 6099

              傳真 Fax:0512 - 6262 6033

              Q Q 號碼:2840246368

              郵        箱:2840246368@qq.com



              上海:0 159 6212 1018


              嘉興:0573 - 8848 1880


              啟東:0513 - 8369 0510 


              南京:0 159 6212 1018



              Mission: profession for Quality , Pro-action for satisfaction


              Slogan: love sporting, I sporting!


              ISPORTING Sports Facilities and Equipment Co., Ltd, one of the top 10 famous brands in sports facilities industry, is professional in sports field projects (basketball field, badminton field, tennis field and plastics runway), embossed Road and Permeable floor.


              ISPORTING implemented Total Quality Management System (TQM), covered purchasing, design, production, installation, and after sales services. Good quality and time planning won a lot of satisfaction from customers. ISPORTING also provides overall solutions: include planning, design, installation and construction. The products and projects are widely used in schools, residential district, shopping mall, garden, sports center, kindergarten, amusement center, and outdoor fitness areas.


              ISPORTING is the member of Chinese Sports Facilities Association (CSFA). With warranted product quality, customer tailored design ability and professional construction team, ISPORTING wins a lot of trust from customers.

              The vision of ISPORTING: To be one of the best trusted sports facilities supplier in China.


              版權所有:蘇州艾思博丁體育設施工程有限公司         全國統一服務熱線:0512-6262 6099          地址:蘇州工業園區唯新路58號


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